Will you partner with us?


Hello everyone, as you may know we have started up our little tea garden initiative – Pilgrims Rest Tea garden and all our other initiatives again and it has been such a joy to do so.

However with the rainy season in full swing our ability to run our fundraising initiatives is greatly affected by the very limited covered space we have, this doesn’t offer much respite from the elements. We are desperately trying to raise funds so that we can create a proper covered area for caring for our community, hosting community events and being able to become more self sustaining in the future. We have a small building fund but unfortunately this is not enough yet.

We need your help. We invite you to partner with us to create something really special. It’s an exciting adventure and you will be helping us to create a land mark in the upper highway area! A place for many to find a little piece of heaven on earth, where healing and tranquility can be found.

Those who know our hearts and have been to our beautiful sanctuary will attest to the incredible vision that has already come to life and know that we have had a major impact in our area and beyond, but this is bigger than us and we need a collective of community hearts and generous souls to see this next part of the vision achieved.

So we are asking and thanking you so much in advance for believing in us and being part of this, even if it’s a little bit – together it will make a big difference.

We are registered and can send you a tax certificate if you are donating through your business.

Thank you for partnering with us to EMPOWER PEOPLE – UPLIFT COMMUNITIES – CONNECT HEARTS

All our love Mike, Paula and the whole Heart family.