A Christmas Party for our friends!

In December we planned a Christmas party and gifts for our friends in the City. Thank you to those who contributed either through Heartstrings Community Project or through Frontier Ministries.

That evening there was torrents of rain, we had two loaded vehicles and we were wondering if we were even going to see anyone. When we arrived and met together to pray before hand we were soaked through within minutes. We prayed that the rain would stop and we moved on to our gathering place. There were a few drenched friends huddled under a tree trying to get out of the rain. As we got out of the car and went to greet them it was like our Father switched of the tap and the rain suddenly stopped. We were astounded, even our friends eyes looked shocked. We all felt that it was a miracle and a sign of His grace and favour.

We set up the trestle tables, prepared a buffet of piping hot stew and rice, cupcakes and even after dinner chocolate treats. There were plenty of boxes of juice to go around. Everything was done with care, dignity and excellence. There were hearts every where. We couldn’t have a Christmas dinner without a tree. So we brought that too ?. The atmosphere was festive and there was a lot of joy and gratitude ?.
We are in awe of the wonderful provision. Thank you to those who gave with such love and generosity.

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