March 2015 – Everyone can make a difference!

These past two years have been incredible! When we look through the photos of the many places and people we have impacted, we are amazed! From building a shelter as a team in the pouring rain, to gathering two communities together to create a safe little playground for the children, organizing a team-building event that would have lasting practical value for both the company and care centre, running a group of volunteers who spent time helping to teach the little ones, co-coordinating food and donations, and ensuring that what was taken was clean and beautifully presented.

We also have been blessed to take care of people as they have wanted to come with us on mission and help those who have wanted to “pay it forward” ensuring that they met the needs of the people and that their gift truly was a blessing. WHEW!! What a privilege to serve our communities this way.

Our Heartstrings family will never be the same again, our hearts have grown and so has our zeal and passion. We have seen such hope, and been inspired by so many incredible people who have risen above some of the most devastating situations with a grace and dignity that surpasses their circumstances; front footed people who don’t want hand-outs but rather a hand up. We can only get excited as we think about how the next few years are going to unfold…

We would love to invite you to partner with us. In our eyes, every act of generosity no matter how big or small is a huge blessing and we thank you for being part of this great vision and for collaborating with us to create change in our country.

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