April 2015 … Mentoring and up-skilling our team

In the past few months we have faced some of our greatest challenges yet. We made a strategic decision to focus mostly on mentoring and up-skilling our precious team/extended family. This has enabled us to develop new products so that we can generate the much-needed income to sustain the project.

Although we are a registered Community project, our NPO number is STILL tied up and we wait with desperate anticipation for it to be released to us. Please pray with us for this to happen soon.

Having said that we have an INTREPID SPIRIT and are persevering in GREAT FAITH. We will continue to JOYFULLY serve our communities with love and do what we can with what we have.

We have sold furniture and put our home up for sale to continue with the work set before us. We are also very grateful to those who have blessed us with groceries, vouchers and personal blessings. Thank you SO SO much. May you in-turn be abundantly blessed ♡.

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