1 Peter 2:4-5 The Passion Translation (TPT)

So keep coming to him who is the Living Stone – though he was rejected and discarded by men but chosen by God and is priceless in God’s sight. Come and be his “living stones” who are continually being assembled into a sanctuary for God. For now you serve as holy priests, offering up spiritual sacrifices that he readily accepts through Jesus Christ.

Situated on the Crest Community Centre property, Livingstone Nursery (Succulents and Cacti) is a small specialist nursery. A Heartstrings Community Project initiative to empower people with a love of plants and gardening, it also helps provides funds to continue the impact that Heartstrings has.

A place of tranquillity where you can stroll around the property and gain inspiration, as our plants are potted in terracotta pots at Pilgrims Rest and wooden planters big and small from Heartstrings Trading Company.

There is space for children to play and a gorgeous tea room under the trees. We are happy to give guidance should you need – please feel free to ask.

OPEN: Tuesday – Saturday
TIME: 9am till 4:00pm (9am – 12:30pm Saturday)
WHERE: 85 River View Dr – Crestholme.
Look for the Sign outside showing all the initiatives, travel up the country lane, you will find an old stone building, a nursery and a view that will take your breathe away
. PAYMENT OPTIONS will be Cash, Zapper or FNB Geo payment.4:00