2014 and we are growing …

Michael chose to leave his job in 2014 so that we could further reach, empower, uplift and connect lives. It was an incredible leap of faith. We had saved in preparation for this and did not make this decision lightly as it came at a huge sacrifice for our family. Still we choose to do this with great courage, enthusiasm and joy.

This calling that we have on our hearts, our passion for our community and our greatest desire to see breakthrough in our country for our future generations’ sake, drives us forward every day.

Our testimony of love, openness and integrity stands for itself, as many of you have met us and will know our hearts to be honest, humble and filled with passion. Our actions speak louder than words.

The ability to pioneer this project on our own is now bigger than we are, and this is exciting and wonderful news because now we really get an opportunity to truly become a community.

We are at a point where we really need you to help us empower and grow this project further. There is so much more to this incredible vision and dream than what you see now, and it would be selfish of us as a family to not keep fighting and have the courage to see this through.

Please would you consider collaborating with us to see many more hearts uplifted, empowered and connected!

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